Google family of products

Posted by Kevin Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1 comments

I know, its another Google related blog entry....but I have submitted to the glory that is the all powerful Google....This will be the first of 5 google product reviews/opinions.

I am not one to stick to one company and or website to depend on for multiple programs or tools of different functionality, but as of late Google has become my swiss army knife of internet tools. I have used, and continue to use, almost all Google tools in every day in managing this and other blogs and websites.


I started off my Google experience with Gmail, which I have been using since it was in the invite only stage. Gmail seems to be growing in popularity and is definitely "in" with the college crowd. The things I like most about gmail are the clean look and feel the site. There are no picture based ads at all that will distract you from "just checking your email" which can invariably become a 5 minute romp through various news, fashion, video, and other links on other popular email services such as Hotmail, or Yahoo. Unless you are one that is not easily distracted I found myself going a.d.d on my previous main hotmail account. There are still text based ads in gmail, but they are much less distracting and obnauctious than the random dancing mortgage ads that haunt the hotmail inbox. Google is now starting to add more features to their email service. I guess they had complaints about gmail being TOO clean and boring, so they livened it up a bit with skinned themes. The themes range anywhere from space, ninjas, or just solid colors. Aside from the aesthetics, gmail has other powerful features such as displaying your emails in conversations.



Next week I will review my use of analytics, googles free traffic analysis tool.