QuakeCon 2009!

Posted by Kevin Sunday, August 16, 2009 0 comments

Wow...this was my first Quakecon...and I live in Dallas, I should truly be ashamed. I went on Saturday by myself, which really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The con consisted of one main exhibit hall, a bring your own computer (BYOC) section, and one main stage ballroom which had revolving shows. The main exhibit hall had another small stage section, which held various shows from software and hardware sponsors. The shows usually showed off the sponsors goods, and usually had a t-shirt throwing session. I'd like to know how many shirts they gave away at this con because somewhere in the show there was at least one booth or show throwing t-shirts at people. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite in the right place to catch any during my 5 hour stay.

Here are a few pics taken around the show:
BYOC setup:

AMD up-showed Intel with this overclocking exhibit:

I also got to see the first public Demo of id's new game "Rage". This game looks Excellent! The gameplay is quite varied for id, which is what they where going for. There is even a driving element which i believe is a first for id.
Overall the show was great! I would recommend bringing a few friends, and joining the BYOC crowd.....I can see staying for the full 3 days if that were the case.