3 Websites to Mention

Posted by Kevin Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today I heard and stumbled upon a few informational websites I thought you all would like to know about. Click on their logos to visit.

The first is called "Change this"

This site's aim is to create a new type of media using current media. Much of the content is text based, including essays on many different topics, including tech.

The next site is "Big Think"

This site is like YouTube for nerds. The audience (you) are to come up with questions and ideas, and the site's job is to make sure they are talked about, or answered by professionals in that field. There are many great interviews from the tech industry so anyone interested should check it out.

And finally "Free Tech Books"

This site has FREE tech books (okay you probably figured that out if you can read)...anyway they have books on topics ranging from gamer theory to algorithmic dynamics and everything in between.

The first two sites I heard about on one of Leo Laporte's podcasts (check it out). As for the last site I stumbled on it. If you havn't checked out Stumble Upon you should check that out as well at http://www.stumbleupon.com. Thanks for hanging in there and basically reading a link list...wait isn't this what a blog is for.......? Hope you enjoy!