Just when I thought I've seen everything in outlands..........

Posted by Kevin Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I come across Terokkarantula.......

(click pic to see full size)
Yup that's my 63 hunter in front of the biggest spider ever...too bad it can't be tamed : (

As this is my first WoW topic post, let me tell you a bit about my life in The World of Warcraft:

I have been playing since just about the beginning of the game. I have 3 active characters right now. I guess you could call my night elf warrior, Vircaecus, my main even though he's only 68, but he is my original character. Fwokenheimer, the toon I play most at the moment, is shown above. And I also have a 34 gnome mage who goes by the name Virage. All of these characters are on the Sargeras realm. I also have a 34 Undead warlock, Mordathe, on the Lothar Realm. So if you see me around make sure to say hello!